Should I have a videographer?


It’s your very big day! You’ve been planing for long months maybe years and choose every single detail; color palette, guest list, venue and of course in your must have list: photographer. But how about the movement and audio? Your vows and laughs and speeches? Are you going to believe that your mind is enough to keep this memories? Well, much more than keep memories,  wedding videography can be the only moment in your life that you can construct the a film, a story to be share with future generation and a wonderful way to be connected with your own history. In the past was impossible to think about a construction of a film only for you, but today with all the technology tools available you just need to pic a videography style that represents you.

Should the videographer meet my photographer?

Of course we don’t need to be friends or have worked before. But is always good to know each other before the wedding day, for exemple to introduce themselves by a quick call and give them a chance to talk. It’s important to talk about the styles of work and share opinions because in the end the most important is the client’s final product. We believe that a good chat and respect can help to make a great job together.

Can I have a meeting with my videographer before the wedding day?

We understand that today all of us are running out of time. Time is really gold. However you are going to have the professionals with you all day long during the most important moments of the day, makes all sense to know each other before. We also like to have this opportunity to know the couple style and personality. In case a personal meeting is not possible, spend some time on phone can be very exclucer.

My family has special traditions, should I make a list to the videographer?

Sure you can to it. Always send the timeline and special notes, because we like to work in a personalized way and we should know what is important to you. But you don’t have to be worried about classic moments such as cutting cake or special dances, for example.

What else should I know or ask for on the wedding day?

The most important thing you have to have in mind is that you should trust the people you choose for. During the wedding day the best thing you can do is relax and enjoy it. The big day have to be like a dream, and your positive energy and attitude count a lot in the final product. A trustable relationship with your wedding videographer is the connection you need to a happy end!