A Pre Wedding Film is a great opportunity! Claire & Kenny had a blast moment during a summer evening at Stone Tower Winery
Their wedding story started some years ago still during their Med school, in Georgetown Washington DC. Their story was probably meant to be, they are soul mates that complement each other in a wonderful way.

Their proposal story, took place in Ocean City. Kenny said he hold the engagemnt ring for probably 48 hours, that made him very nervous. He thought she would have noticed. Which she confirmed was not true, she was busy taking selfies. Than after some wheel fair rides and a lot of anxiety, he finally took the ring out of his pocket and asked if she would married him. Her response was not that obvious; "can I have it?".  That made him answer: "you have to answer my question before you can have it".  Than finally she said "YES". And took some more selfies.

To complete their lives, Nikko has arrived some yeas ago. Nikko, the dog, like all dog lovers owners do, is a spoiled baby. He was the star of this show, acting as a supper start. We simply loved having him with us.

We choose Stone Tower Winery as the location for the pre wedding because of its beauty, and for to be next to the nature, showing the best of Virginia geography and nature. The vineyard is incredibly stunning and full of life. That is also a great location to who is interest in get married.

Claire and Kenny are definitely a dream of bride and groom. Spontaneous, simple, easy going, full of good energy, and extremely empathetic. We have no more words to describe how good was our relationship with them.    We feel super lucky having this couple in our life. Remember that our job is subjective and artistic, so this connection with the couple is vital to success.