What makes your wedding film really special?


We Love conversation! We love to know your history and be part of it! And we believe that these three things are the keys to have a great wedding film.

Everybody likes to receive attention when contracting a service, nobody likes to be just one more number in a long list of client. Specially when talking about your wedding day, right? That’s why we love conversation, and by conversation we mean to give you all the attention you deserve and listening your thoughts and ideas.

We are interested in listening you because this makes our wedding videography 2017 be much more personalized. We like to know what is important to you and what are your expectations about our job.

All the details, including information about your engagement, decoration, ceremony or the style of your wedding are extremely important to us, since we are going to be your eyes on the wedding day.

As a husband and wife company we can give you this special attention, since we have a limited number of weddings each year, we can take care of each couple and make your wedding really customized, after all you know who is the person who is going to be there with you, isn’t much more comfortable?  

As storytellers we understand that is essential to know how you got where you are in order to create something very exclusive. We always say that your wedding videography service is one of the only service that will be with you before, during and after your wedding day. Can you see how important it is? After all it’s the most alive memory you will have forever!

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