Welcome to the house of the Pre Wedding Film

*We travel nationwide to make your Pre Wedding Film

Feeling Wedding Films is very honored to be the first and only Wedding Film Company to offer the PRE WEDDING FILM. Our exclusivity.

But wait, what a "Pre Wedding Film really is?"

We know that you have a distinct story behind your wedding, correct? So why your wedding film covers the wedding day only? We want to be more than just a wedding  videography company, we want to tell your complete love story. That is what make us unique. If you choose us we promise this is going to be an incredible experience and a extraordinary extra day planned exclusively  for you!

A Pre Wedding Film is a short film designed just for you, based on your own love story. We are going to setup a location, based on your narrative (it can be your house, in a winery, a lake house, or even a castle). Than, we are going to create a script, and some questions that are going to guide us to create your film.

It’s a great opportunity, for both of us, clients and videographers, to know each other and to create a connection. It is also an opportunity to understand the couple's personalities, and add this special touch to your Wedding Film, since a portion of the interview is going to be added to your official Wedding Film.

It is such a great idea to create excitement in your guests since you can share in your social media with family and friends or also show to your guests as a surprise on the wedding day! 

The Pre Wedding Film is a FREE addition to your package, when contracting our Black Label Package. If you have question about it, please feel free to contact us, will be our pleasure discuss about your wedding film.

Caitlyn & Adrian | Pre Wedding FIlm | Salamander Resort, VA

Isabel & Roshan| Pre Wedding Film |Boston, MA

Maura & Will | Pre Wedding Film | Newport News, VA

Petrina & Wayne | pre wedidng film | Buffalo, ny

Barbara & Alex | Pre Wedding Film | Reston, VA

Cory & Lawrence | Pre Wedding Film | Ridley Creek, PA

Claire & Kenny + Nikko | Pre Wedding Film | Stone Tower Winery, VA

Angela & Jason | Pre Wedding Film | Prince frederick, MD

Meagan & Matthew | Pre Wedding Film | Sandy Spring, MD