This is the Leah and Charles lovely wedding story!

When we met Leah we knew that she was looking for a singular wedding videographer for her special day. They wanted to their wedding cinematography to reflect their personalities and all emotions evolving the wedding. They completed trusted in our experience and our advisesto make this dream come true. They understood that they just needed to relax and enjoy their day.

We traveled to Pennsylvania, Blue Bell County at Normandy Farm next to Philadelphia. A beautiful and peaceful place to work with wedding cinematography. We used the Drone to shoot the aerial footage to give you the truly impression of the venue. Bride and groom had such a great day, outside ceremony, like she dreamed and planed for long time.  One of the most beautiful moment during the wedding day was when her father saw her for the first time in a bride dress, such a special moment. Still talking about the father of the bride, he was responsible for play the song for the first dance as married couple and he did a lovely job! Also give a special attention to the moment she reads his hand write letter and it's impossible contain the tears and emotion, she barely can read out loud. Also a wedding is composed by deep silent moments and also aloud demonstrations of love and enthusiasm.  We believe that this is the magic of a wedding film; to capture this affection to make the couple remember this for years to come, this is the film mission. 

Weddings can be identical to whom don't pay attention to this singular details, but if you open the eyes of your soul you can see the essence of each person reflected in small details of the big day.