This is Feeling

“We love creating connections with our clients, it is the most effective way to create our films.”

Flavio & Daniella met 17 years ago at Catholic University School of Media & Communication, in South Brazil. Flavio majored in journalism and Daniella in Marketing. Since the beginning, they knew that working with media and images were their real passion. In 2008, almost by accident, they shoot their first wedding. It was very clear to them that the  wedding film industry was transitioning from a stodgy hand held camera covering  only the " must have" features in a wedding day to the new technology revolution called, DSLR cameras. High resolution, small gear, plus a new generation full of fresh ideas for outstanding emotional and vivid films was the perfect mix to quickly make this a consumer desired product. Within five years, Feeling Wedding Films grew  to be a very successful company, traveling nationwide to capture the most stunning weddings (believe me Brazilians know what luxury wedding is). To meet the Brazilian demand for wedding super productions, they traveled and manage large teams of videographers. Having family living in Washington DC area, always provided them the possibility of contact with high technology and exchange information with colleagues in the US. The passion for the US grew more and more until they decided to relocate. They rebuilt the company in the US.  They created a background in the most diverse cultural wedding styles; Catholic, Jewish, Indian, South Asian, Greek, Turkish, American…. And decided to offer the same service their couples loved in Brazil: The Pre Wedding Film. Certainly is a remarkable characteristic of their films today. It’s an extraordinary possibility to make the wedding films to be customized and peculiar.
And that’s how Feeling Wedding Films was born.


Photography by Carl Elixir