It’s with grateful heart that Flavio & I welcome you to Feeling Wedding Films. This business idea was born completely out of a dream. We met 17 years ago at the School of Media & Communication, in South Brazil. Flavio majored in journalism and me in Marketing. Since the beginning, we knew that working with people's dreams was our real passion.

In 2008, almost by accident, we shoot our first wedding. It was very clear to us that the wedding film industry was transitioning to new perspective full of fresh ideas for outstanding emotional and vivid films. Feeling Wedding Films grew up to be a very successful company, traveling nationwide to capture the most stunning weddings (believe me Brazilians know what luxury wedding is).

Having family in the Washington DC area was the connection point that led us to relocate and rebuild the company here. We knew that we should offer the same service our couples loved in Brazil: The Pre Wedding Film. Certainly is a remarkable characteristic of our films today. It’s an extraordinary possibility to make wedding films to be unique.

And that’s how Feeling Wedding Films was born.

Daniella D.


Photography by Carl Elixir